So today, with a sip of deliciously made coffee, I got hit so bad I forgot why, where or if really do I exist. The world around me swirled and somehow faded and moments later, ended. Well, now I am gonna sum up about what exactly happened.

Last year, I remember how I was hollow from inside, how it used to take ages to inhale some temporary fresh air hardly enough to touch a bronchiole of my shrinked lung. I remember how my legs deceived me, refused to lift me and turned out to be whores even Cleopatra would be ashamed of. I went through time when worth craving edibles once desiring my stomach, hated me like fire hates water.

Huh! How much i missed my today, how much I panted for this light! I often miserably question and choked a hundredth time while writing how could someone just blur out your surroundings for their pleasure for you to think no one else exists. Yeah! Ironically I abandoned my dear ones-my only people. I could see no one but a black knight.

Later, with passage of time, I believe I aged more than Jeanne Calment in less than 4 months. I began to see what I eradicated from my dictionary and felt myself strong enough for ironman to envy me. Haha yes! And now my life is lit with the sun in my heart which never sets once it has emerged up higher in my world.

Since then till now I feel resilience running like blood in my once lacerated veins. I consider myself preferable to every fucking shit I went through. No! I wasn’t me, it was my guider and yeah I am proud of her, grateful for what she did. I thank her every second of my once neglected life and I will remember her till death calls my name..