Ferocious, plucky, frenzied and giving,

Once wild, enraging soul,

Burnt rocks they didn’t know,

Owned hearts until the ONE.
Hell, yearned her pardon.

Orchids and Gazanias, pleaded her clemency.

Ground, quivered as she strutted.

A heart, open, free and enamoured of flying.

Covered in humus; tiny twigs, rotten leaves and warmth, shuddered one day, cleaved the shell gradually until enough for her to get out. 

Later in the arms of loved ones who were proud and owned her in every way. 

Pompous, sophisticated and ravishing are words that defined her. Hardly forgiving but open to the universe, she devastated many. Seas envied her fire as they always failed in their job. No more the same, the girl is hush, at ease trapped in the same shell…