After hella arduous work the entire night; by and by I cajoled my mind to douse the fire for an hour though it failed to water it utterly but still enough for me to visit the obscure and exotic world I often step into, after all it is all mine. With espresso craving to be drunk filled in my favourite mug in one hand with words ‘About.To.Vanish’ written artistically on it for only me to understand. I managed my frigid toes in my slippers carefully in a way that no toe touched its edges pitifully and once the struggle was done, I was ready to flee. 

It was Sunday afternoon, yet tranquil and inky was home on the spot. I wandered the entire home and finally found her. She was hiding in the most recherche and anomalous place, not even a champion of hide and seek could think of. I didn’t castigate her as it was my delusion. I made her wait for me and I was sorry to have her too late though I was sure I am gonna be forgiven. She is a part of me. 

Achingly and longingly, I toiled to make it to the top of stairs and she was beside me. She said nothing just cursed me for not wearing socks and just a crop top. I slammed her down for being a bitch and not advocating earlier because now I was at a point in my life from where there was no going back. Ultimately I was one step away from the top and I saw her standing there. I bawled at her for always thinking too high when she deserves nothing but despondency and crap. Moments later, I heard her snivelling and felt her warm tears on my arm. I promptly pulled my arm and managed myself to let go of the de trop thoughts. As soon as I thrived, she was nothing but a statue, wholly silent and strong. I was proud of her. She counselled me to sit on a chair I found huckery but I had no other choice. So after opening the door of the roof I sat in front and almost cursed the whole world when repugnant thought of my espresso being cold invaded my mind but then the world was safe, coffee was still warm hehe. After relishing the glacial breeze for a couple of minutes, she stood in front of me and dominated my heart, soul and mind. I was shackled though it felt heavenly. 

After blinking my eye for once; I was there, far into my world, just wandering and ordering, making various decisions and fell several times but stood up whimpering. She helped me in standing up and I was totally in love with how powerful she is. Ignorantly, I kept strolling and falling and later after years I found myself in rain and I was wet.

With my puppy eyes, she hit me savagely and took me inside. Once I stepped on my bed she was gone and I was lifeless.