Million years flew by, still unnoticed yet never yearned like the first few years. The phase however returned but wholly different this time; longed to be known that she turned cold-blooded, no more the same ardent beast. Well; today in a different habitat, life is serene and airy, no more topsy-turvy to haunt her. 

Silent and silence all-around, a quintessential meaning of paradise for her mini heart yet massive simultaneously. Little things have started to amuse her, no more craving for attention and big things to please her. Did they always want this side of her? Or the opposite? Either way, they gave her nowt but torment as if none of the sides ever satisfied them. Doesn’t matter anymore, lively or lifeless-still out of sight, never a voice came to call her.


Lying torpefied and iced, an isolated terra.

Recollecting when they came and left with nothing

But insult on their chassis, while some

Still jacose as if callous strange how

At ease after burying and deforming a life.

Now sauntering through Lemaire Channel,

Steep-sided, iceberg-flanked passageway.

Always fancies it.

Uninhabited except her few mates.

Downright cold and dry as if only for her.

Those blue-eyed shags nesting on cliffs,

Humpback whales and Euphausia superba,

Visible whenever she hankers.

Diomedea exulans flying, offering her food.

The only contentment is idolizing Aptenodytes forsteri feeding the infants.

Oft-times visits the exotic coastline fringed by ice shelves.

And reaches the nunataks because well, no resistance.

They applaud and invigorate, after all it’s only her!

None but a dead life too proud to grizzle.

If only they understood, if only they could see inside.

Now Weddell Seals skating on her inner glaciers,

Smile is what she decides to show yet,

Evergreen is the snow, never concurs on melting.

Longing for this state, in this life and beyond,

Sighs. ‘Not anymore’.

Believing that words no longer mean anything, gutsy enough to discover the reality. Lemme tell she’s a threat though a tiny innocuous threat no one has surely found out. They say, try to assure but they don’t know as they never tried, none of it means a thing to her.